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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

“What is the ultimate wines?”- we can say for sure that the answer is the wine that was made from the grapes stored all the energy of the natural world and vinified through taking advantage of the power of the grapes. Because all producers of the ultimate wines appreciate that the most important ingredients for it are born only by healthy and delicious grapes, and it never changed even in technological development.
The wines produced by sincere viticulture and natural wine making has vitality in the earth which fascinates drinkers.

No need difficult previous knowledge. Let's not think, just feel it!


All of our "Living Wines" is imported directly from the producers.. All grapes are organically farmed and handpicked by its own producers, vinified with minimum human intervention, fermented with natural wild yeast, bottled with no filtration and zero or lowest SO2.

They take a journey below 14 degrees in temperature-controlled from their estate in Italy and France to our storage in Singapore.

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