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Founded: 1846
Region : Asti/Piemonte/Italy
Wine Maker : Lorenzo Corino, Guido Corino
Vines Area: 5 ha

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Case Corini established in 1846, and located in Costigliole d’Asti. Firmly committed to sustainability, Case Corini intend their wines to accurately represent the interaction between vine variety/terroir/human know-how.


Lorenzo Corino is a 6th generation winemaker from a family of natural wine producers. He is also agronomist and researcher, has given his life to viticulture and winemaking, and has devoted most of his adult life to agronomical research. His wines are testament to his skill and love of the vine.

He has authored & co-authored more than 90 technical and scientific publications on viticulture, authored a book entitled The Essence of Wine and Natural Viticulture and has even developed the Metodo Corino™. Metodo Corino™ focuses on promoting organic matter and biological life.

His all vineyards are between 60 and 90 years old. The main variety that is grown is Barbera, then Nebbiolo and a few ancient local varieties. All the work has been done manually since the fifties and the result can be felt just by walking on the soft soil, by the high volume of organic matter on its surface and by observing the great floral diversity that changes according to the season. Great attention is paid at the harvest time. The grape is the only component that should give rise to the future.

​Sunrise seen from the house

Vegetable garden in front of the house.

In the transition from grape to wine, fermentation must take place naturally with yeast and indigenous bacteria. In the cellar, the winemaking prosess must be done without any additives or invasive technology or the use of any chemical or physical intervention capable of modifying the origin and/or natural evolution of the wine, which must find its exclusive origin in the grape. Fermentation is spontaneous in wooden barrels and no additives are used . The wine is normally aged three years before bottling. 

An old house on their property. Watching over it return to earth naturally without demolishing it.

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