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MUNI Pinot Nero 2019

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  • Designation   : IGT Veneto

    Vintage           : 2019
    Producer         : MUNI
    Grape Types   : Pinot Nero 100%
    Region             : Veneto ITALY
    Alcohol            : 13%
    Bottle Size      : 750ml
    Vinification      : With this vintage, harvested in two periods about 10 days apart. In the Cavazza and part of the Bogonara vineyards grapes ripen earlier, while the more clayey part of Bogonara ripens later, retaining a greater freshness. Vinified separately, obtaining two very different wines. In open vats fermentation, ageing in 20 hl barrels and barriques, then blended. Aging in the bottle for 8 months.
    To be served   : 15-18°C


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